Greg Tyler

gHarmony – A very specific dating site

Published on 11th August 2013

Back when online dating first kicked off, it was all quite simple. Millions of people created accounts, they were paired up based on their interests and, after picking their favourites, they would all go off and procreate. At least, that's how I assume it works. It's not really by area.

At least, it wasn't. But I've now entered the exciting world of online dating! The new trend in dating websites is to identify niches for people to search within, like Uniform Dating which pairs you with someone whose job involves them wearing or uniform. Or Classical Music Lover which connects users with a shared passion for classical music.

My new site, gHarmony identifies a niche as well: Single, female, straight 20-somethings in Edinburgh. I created a unique algorithm that trawls through all one member of the site (myself), and identifies which match suits best. I include the algorithm below for those with a technical interest.

suitable = (isFemale && likesMen && isInTwenties && isInEdinburgh);
if( suitable ) result = ['Greg'];
else result = [];

Anyhow, have a peruse, give the match finder a try and find a suitable partner today on gHarmony!