Greg Tyler

Peter Molyneux gives an excellent analogy between Minecraft and Lego

Published on 23rd December 2012

From the 2 Player Productions documentary "Minecraft: The Story of Mojang", Peter Molyneux gives an amazing analogy of how Minecraft has inversely charted the change in Lego.

"It's really interesting how Lego at the moment is like traditional games design. It's: Buy the box, open the box, turn to the instruction sheet, make the models, stick it on the shelf, buy the next box. That's exactly like traditional game design: Buy the game, go through the challenges, finish the challenges, stick it on the shelf, buy the next game.

"Where Lego used to be just a big box of bricks and you used to take the bricks, pour them on the carpet, and then make stuff. And that's exactly what Minecraft is."

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang is available now for $8 (~£5), and also for free on the Pirate Bay. It's well worth a watch.