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Fourth Year Photo

Over the past two days, many mathematicians at Edinburgh University went to their final lectures and workshops of four years. Together we made it through the horrors of Group Theory, Probability and the almost comical organisation of final year projects; but it's hard to look back now and not think of it as the best four years so far.

On Thursday a load of us got together with a camera and our good friend Matthew Crisp took a photo to cement some of those memories.

I thought it would be nice to get the names of everyone in the photo so here, with a few embarrassing omissions, is a list of some of the great people I got to study with.

Picture of 4th year students

Names vaguely ordered left to right across the photo, with a few I'm afraid I didn't know. Please tell me who you are!

  • Dominykas Gustas
  • Paul Horrocks
  • Kristina Kubiliute
  • Beckie Smith
  • Matthew Crisp
  • Abby Crookes
  • Vince Manancourt
  • Mhairi Dunion
  • ? (Sorry!)
  • Steve Gardiner
  • Dom Stonebridge
  • Sian Gilbert
  • Michael Nicholson
  • David Thrussell
  • Hannah English
  • Tom Gallacher
  • Mickey Arnold
  • ? (Sorry!)
  • Rachael Boyd
  • Maddie Bailey
  • Ed Lucas
  • Carrie Clyne
  • Peter Dalton
  • Rachel Holland
  • Matt Healy
  • Andy Seaton
  • Kaye Macleod
  • Chris Trimble
  • Matt Willows
  • Dan Mckay
  • Josephine Jonathan
  • Declan Kelly
  • Emily Gibson
  • Loz Hennessy
  • Ian McWilliam
  • Ruth Penny
  • Mark Alcock
  • Georgina Cooper
  • Josh Prettyman
  • Lucy Wright
  • Katherine Stockan
  • Rosie Piper
  • Connie Green
  • Charlotte Kendal Parker
  • Ed Hart
  • Rami Barak
  • Daisy Smith
  • Lynsey MacGillivray
  • Julie Woods
  • Greg Tyler
  • Elena Zanini
  • Rachel Raine

And, of course, here's an obligatory "mid-air" one.

Picture of 4th year students, mid-air of jumping

Thanks to you all. It's been great!

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