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Beyond buttons: Web interactions

Looking at the various ways of interacting with web applications and technology in general, and discussing what could be next for the web.

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Improving curriculum data quality with better tools

An overview of how we build tools designed to improve curriculum data by providing staff with a clearer and more helpful user experience.

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2016 Year in Review

My look back at 2016: the things I did, changed and witnessed. And a look forward to how I want things to change in the New Year.

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Positive side effects of automated testing

I wrote about some of the positive side effects I've noticed when writing automated tests as part of development.

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How to pick a software library

Lately, I've been in the business of picking libraries. I explain some of the key things that I look out for in a library, and why they're important.

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Node.js ENOENT error explanations

I came across an ENOENT error in Node, which was hard to decipher. Because explanations and advice across the Internet and sparsely laid out, I tried to compile all the reasons in one place.

Includes fixes and example code to regenerate each scenario.

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