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The Best Mashups of 2012

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As we come to the end of the year, it's time to all write our reviews of the most important events. The best films, the best clothes and, of course, the best mashups.

As you may know, I'm a huge fan of mashups. I can't really explain why, but there's something amazing about listening to two songs at once. In particular, I love hearing a classic track with something new over the top.

There have been some great mashups this year and I wanted to pay tribute to some of the best. I was going to rank a Top 3, but I've opted to just list some and not worry about which was the best. Because mashups aren't about picking a favourite, they're about enjoying as many favourites as you can at once!

Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Porter Robinson – Petty Language
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Porter Robinson's Language was one of my top tunes of the summer. It got into the radio, into clubs and still sits on my mp3 player. Meanwhile, Call Me Maybe was in everyone's hearts for all sorts of reasons. For me, it was the soundtrack to Freshers' Week, where volunteering was my highlight of the year. All said, it's no surprise that this crossover features on my favourites list. It's simple, but it's lovely.

PSY vs. Ghostbusters – Gangnam Busters
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This mashup dropped at just the right time, right before Halloween. The combination of "currently popular track" and "Halloween classic" was an inspired idea, and I know that it played at parties across the world. I seem to recall that Fresh Air and The Big Cheese were big fans too. The thing that really makes this track though, in my eyes, is the build-up you get. It's obvious for the first minute or so what's coming up, but when he finally shouts "Oppa! Gangnam Style" at 1:21, it feels like the perfect setup.

The Cut Up Boys Commercial Dance Mix
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Okay, so this isn't a mashup per sé. This half hour track by The Cut Up Boys combines some of the best songs in recent times, and mixes them all incredibly. I saw The Cut Up Boys live this year and it was one of the best gigs I can remember. They played a long set and the mixing was truly sublime. I've listened through this particular mix several times and thrown it on at parties and events too. It always gets a great response.

deadmau5 vs. Swedish House Mafia – Professional Greyhounds

Unfortunately I don't have a sample of this to play, but it was still one of my favourite mashups of the year. The lead-in to Greyhound goes on for a minute or so, which is just about long enough to mix in a verse of Professional Griefers by deadmau5. Then, just as Greyhound drops in, so too does the chorus of Professional Griefers. It's a very simple mashup (since they have the same BPM, you just play one over the top of t'other), but it just damn works.

So there you are: some great mashups of 2012. I'd love to also compile a list of some of my favourite tracks of the year, but it would just go on and on. But I can't leave that so dry, so here's a bonus few highlights of 2012 songs:

Oh, 2012, you've been an incredible year for music. Let's hope 2013 can bring more glorious tunes!