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Some music recommendations

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People often ask me* "Greg, what music are you listening to at the moment?" And I, of course, always reply with "Scooter!" But then, sometimes, I listen to something other than the mesmerising hard techno jumpstyle of H.P. Baxxter et al. So here are some recommendations of albums I've been enjoying of late. They're not necessarily new, but hopefully some of them will be new to you!

Most song/album links are to Spotify, but many will be available on other services too!

Woodkid – The Golden Age

I came across Woodkid through the amazing video for Run Boy Run, which is a combination of powerful music and great cinematography. The rest of The Golden Age really keeps up with Run Boy Run, which was great to discover, and makes great use of strong drum beats, vocals and horns.

Kerfuffle band

Kerfuffle may have split up, but their music is still well worth a listen!

Kerfuffle – To The Ground

There's a lot of buzz around folk music these days, which I think is fantastic. Meanwhile, Kerfuffle were one of the first folk bands I really fell in love with through their album K2; so I was delighted to find that one of their more recent albums is Spotify-ready. Particular favourite tracks are "Dr Letcher's Favourite" and "Rondo". If you're into your Newton Faulkner and Mumford & Sons, why not try something a bit more traditional?


Kavinsky – OutRun

This album is crazy. It sort of tells the story of some weird Knight Rider scenario where a car and man bond together into one and produce wonderful electronic music. I was recommended this album ages ago but forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago when I heard Nightcall at a bar and insisted a friend Shazam'd it. I'm sure this album isn't for everyone but I really love it.

Deadmau5 – > album title goes here <

I really enjoy progressive house music, and in my eyes this album contains some of the best tracks going. I shan't dwell because it's pretty well-known and quite dividing. But if you like EDM and haven't got round to > album title goes here < yet, now's a great time.

Various Artists – Anjunabeats Volume 9

This is a trance album from 2011, but it still pulls its weight. Some fantastic songs on here, and the flow throughout it is really good. Anjunabeats is the name of Above & Beyond's record label, and this album contains of some of the label's best tracks from 2011. If you like this, also check out Sirens Of The Sea by OceanLab, which is made up of Above and Beyond and Justine Suissa.

Honourable mentions

These albums are all fantastic too:
The Chemical Brothers – Further
High Highs – Open Season
M83 – Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

* These conversations may never have happened.