Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 11th May 2020

Published on 16th May 2020

This week I wrote things down.

We’ve been focussing on a singular integration the past few weeks. We’re not ready to tie things together yet but there’s been a lot of prep work to write things together, set up tests and understand what new code will be needed.

This week I took the opportunity to slow down, step back and write some damn documentation. We’ve effectively done a bunch of R&D but are keeping the learnings in our head or on ephemeral Jira tickets.

As an old boss of mine used to say, we have to “share the knowledge”. Not just in our team, and for anyone new who comes along, but to rationalise what’s in our heads.

A major output has been two wiki pages which I think should help. The first is a description of how we’ve set up Pact to run effective unit tests, and how future integrations can reuse our code.

The second is a little grid of all of the tools/techniques we’re using and whether they’re reusable. As we adopt more micro-services I hope this will help build some standards rather than reinventing the wheel every time.