Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 20th April 2020

Published on 26th April 2020

This week I finished off my Complete the deputy report work.

It was a bit of a slow handover week this week, since from next Monday I’m moving to a new team. I finished off some final stories, updated some documentation and and slowly slinked into the shadows.

Having said that, I have two tickets to release still so will have to dip in next week.

Amongst that time though we’ve made some important progress. There was a full end-to-end test of our documents integration on Friday (successfully!) and we’re now recording much better reference data behind-the-scenes (it’ll start to be used in coming weeks).

Next week, I’ll be picking up new tools, datasets, colleagues and learning about a different development/CI process. Hopefully I’ll have a bug fix out by the end of the week, but the main goal is just to get on top of things.

I’m excited to pick up something new and be able to focus on since topics I really care about (usability, accessibility, performance) in the front end space.