Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 27th April 2020

Published on 3rd May 2020

This week I learnt a lot.

I spent this week engrossed in new things, as my first week moving into my new team for the foreseeable future.

It was overwhelming at times, and talked to loads of people, but I come out of it excited about the future and ready to sink my teeth in.

We’ve got a lot to overcome as a team before we can reach cadence. A big one amongst them is extricating our code from the existing monorepo so that we have more control over it. Then we have to rewrite it all. Plenty to keep busy!

In the meantime, we’ve picked up some smaller tickets and started tidying up the development environment to our needs. Good progress to have pull requests merged in in week one, I think.

This also meant saying goodbye to my friends and DigiDeps. It’s been a great year and we’ve made real improvements, and I’m excited to see what they do next. I hope I wasn’t holding anyone back but I think a leaver gives everyone a fresh look at the service and hopefully that’ll lead to some great ideas.

Some of the things which are new this week