Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 2nd December 2019

Published on 8th December 2019
This week I handled handover. One of our five developers left this week, and another is going in a couple of weeks. Nothing nefarious, just the end of their contracts. Whilst we’re in the midst of recruitment to fill their boots, we’re also ensuring everything is handed over: not just work and knowledge but also permissions and responsibilities. Losing staff is always sad, and always a risk. These two have been excellent colleagues and in part that’s been clear by how easy handover had been. Rather than everything being left to the last minute, we’ve spent months planning and preparing for this. It reminds me of an axiom that I believe is credited to Netflix: that every developer is responsible for making themselves redundant. That plan a bit singularity-enticing, but I’ve always found it’s good to work as if you’re leaving next week. It leads to good practice in general and makes you much easier to work with.