Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 30th March 2020

Published on 7th April 2020

This week I tidied things up.

This is one of those weeks I forgot to write weeknotes, so I’m doing a quick summary.

I’ve done a bunch of cleanup tasks this week: deleting old code, rewriting to modern standards, overcoming deprecations. It’s good work, though leads to so quite terrifying PRs (if you’re removed 1,000 lines of code, are you sure they’re the right ones?!)

I also wrote a whole load of tickets related to an accessibility audit we had. This picked up on some really good things: some major rewrites, some quick fixes. We’ll play them in the coming weeks as we get availability.

This week’s work wraps up the “move to GOV.UK Notify” epic, which is good to have out of the way. “Court orders”, “Upgrade Symfony”, “Audit logging” and “Accessibility audit” are just around the corner, but hopefully we won’t have too many in play at once.

And integrations work continues apace, with hopes that the majority of the hard work is now behind us.