Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 3rd August 2020

Published on 9th August 2020

This week I planned lots of user management work.

We’ve got to big bits of user management changes coming up: the ability to (properly) delete users and a redesign of all user management tools into one single application.

This is some solid foundational work, since we intend to make much wider changes to users and authentication in the next six months. By unifying and modernising the front-end, and filling functionality gaps, we’ll make those biggest changes much easier.

But we can’t just wade into such work! So I’ve spent a lot of the past two weeks writing proposals, prototypes and technical spikes that need to be reviewed/resolved before we can go ahead.

Whilst doing this, I’m starting to identify common steps to go through when speccing work. Hopefully we can extract the good bits to stay building a formal process whenever we are new milestones.

Next week we’ll answer the remaining few questions, both business and technical, and put ourselves in a position to actually start development.