Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 3rd February 2019

Published on 8th February 2020

This week I made our project open source.

Point 12 in the GOV.UK Service Standard is to make new source code open. Our source code used to be open (API, Client), but got locked up after moving to a new monorepo alongside some sweeping infrastructure changes.

Yesterday, we finally got to the point of being happy to make it open again:

This is whole full service source code: PHP applications, design, infrastructure, end-to-end testing. All our pull requests are out in the open too. The only things that remain behind closed doors are Slack and JIRA, which often contain sensitive data (in all forms).

If you’d like to peruse more GOV.UK Service source code, many of our MOJ and OPG repositories are open source:

Why is being open source important?

Some of the reasons I’m really happy to open source our work: