Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 6th April 2020

Published on 11th April 2020

This week I started shifting to a new team.

So the big news for me this week is that we’re making a new team at OPG which I’m going to be a developer on.

We’ll be focusing on better supporting colleagues working from home, and modernising a central system (with exciting words like React and Micro frontend).

I’ll write more about this as we get into it over the coming weeks but it’s following on well from research/planning work I’ve been doing with JN and I’m excited to go back to frontend development.

Whilst the team engine is still being built, I’m working on finishing up work on Complete the deputy report. We’ve been good at communicating and documenting, so this isn’t a big handover situation; I just want to see off what I’m working on.

A lot of that this week has been page headings. Bit of a snooze fest for most but our headings are rubbish and unclear, particularly for screen reader users. I’ve been simplifying them, aligned with GDS standards, and making sure they look the same visually and semantically.

It’s not glamorous work, but it’s good work dammit. And it’s been bugging me since I started on this service a year ago, so nice to fix before I move on to new things.