Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 8th June 2020

Published on 13th June 2020

This week I started to take ownership of my code.

In last week’s weeknotes, I talked about the stress I felt under of being partially responsible fora lot of old, untouched code.

With reassurance that I can own that code, I’ve started to take control of things a bit more. I had a task to edit an aging and oddly-designed API, and took the opportunity to clean it up and plan for the future a little more.

There’s a lot to untangle here and it’ll take time, but these baby steps will make a start and also help me feel more comfortable with the code base.

We’ve also started talking seriously about how to split up the code between the two entangled services, which is another huge task.

Some things can just be split apart, but for the rest we’re probably going to duplicate all of the code and let each service remove the parts they don’t need. This puts a bit more pressure on each service, but gives us autonomy and independence to make improvements aligned with our separate service goals.