Greg Tyler

Weeknotes: 9th March 2020

Published on 15th March 2020

This week I built a daemon.

I don’t like the term “daemon”. It feels like an unnecessarily arsey way of saying “background process”, particularly when talking to non-programmer-y colleagues. But I do like grand, concise ledes for my weeknotes.

This background process forms a key part of our infrastructure for the integration we’re building. In orchestration terms, I’ve built a conductor to decide what to play and why, and my colleagues are crafting a body of musicians who can do all the hard work of playing. Two halves of the same puzzle.

Part of the background process involved implementing a feature flag, so we can turn it on and off on-demand. I’ve hopefully done this in a reusable way, so we can quickly and confidently add more feature flags in the future.

We’ve made a few more iterations with email this week too, which feels very agile and iterative. It’s nice that we’re now comfortable enough with the service to “just do” things rather than having to understand components first. And tests are continuing apace to make us feel more confident there too.